Safety Attitude Screening
Evaluate Safety Attitudes


General purpose

In the context of recruitment, we aim to put the right employee on the right place. The Safety Attitude Screening© helps your organization to reduce costs and time by enhancing the identification of candidates with the right safety attitudes. You double the chance of selecting an employee who will act very safely at work. Hiring someone that performs well on the Safety Attitude Screening©, significantly reduces the probability of employing a person who will exhibit unsafe behavior at work.

Main advantage

A huge advantage of the Safety Attitude Screening© compared to other safety measurements is that it is not limited to testing explicit attitudes. The test is built to avoid social desirability. Next to built-in checks for consistency on the classic rating scales, the test also makes use of reaction times and forced choice tasks. This prevents applicants from manipulating their scores.

Extensions of the tool

The Safety Attitude Screening© is a selection tool, but can also serve other purposes.
Depending on your needs, you can tailor the tool and its use to the needs of your organization.

For example, the Safety Attitude Screening© can be used to screen and benchmark (groups within) your organization in order to detect risk factors or groups at risk in your organization. An overall screening of your organization is performed anonymously and results are only shown at group level. The integration of the Safety Attitude Screening© with other measurements, such as evaluations of the well-being of your employees, absenteeism or the safety climate, can give you even more valuable insights.

Another option is to use the Safety Attitude Screening© as a self-assessment tool with individual feedback and advice for the employees. This way, the Safety Attitude Screening© can be seen as a training and optimization tool.


The Safety Attitude Screening© is easily customized to your needs:

  • Change the look & feel of the Safety Attitude Screening© or add your own logo.
  • Add other tests or questionnaires to your client environment login.
  • Use the Safety Attitude Screening© in different languages.